Belarus and China strengthening relations between regions

Belarus and China strengthening relations between regions

Belarus guarantees Chinese companies the most favorable conditions for work, stated President Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting with representatives of Hunan Province of China. The delegation is headed by the mayor of the central city of Changsha, which is one of the twenty largest economically developed cities in China. Among the guests was head of the machine-building corporation Zoomlion. It is one of China's leading producers of special-purpose machinery. Representatives of the company are interested in active cooperation with the Belarusian producers.

Dmitry Katerinich, Director General of OAO MAZ:
We are filling the niche we lacked. We are increasing product range, in other words, there's diversification of the product line. For consumers, it is very important. In addition, we are using our network of dealers.

In the morning, the leadership of Hunan Province and the top managers of the corporation Zoomlion met with Alexander Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Our countries and our peoples are bound by sincere friendship and fruitful cooperation in various fields. During the 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations Belarus and China have come a long way towards each other. There are no closed topics between us. We became strategic partners and we continue to move forward. A huge role in this process is played by the close inter-connection, which is confirmed by the arrival of the delegation from Hunan province in our country. I want to thank the head of Hunan Province Hu Henhua for his personal contribution to the establishment of friendly relations between Belarus and China.

An example to follow are regular summits. After government negotiations turnover and the number of new joint ventures usually increase. During the Great Stone meeting in September 2015 alone, 50 documents were signed.

Today's meeting paves the way for the official visit of Alexander Lukashenko to China. In Beijing, the Belarusian leader is expected in late September.

Yevgeny Pustovoi, CTV:
China is a long-standing and trusted partner of Belarus. The heads of state meet every two to three years. Alexander Lukashenko meets more often only with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Now Belarusian-Chinese relations are being given a new impetus. In 2015 alone, the leaders met twice. And now Alexander Lukashenko plans a new official visit to Beijing.

Hu Henhua, head of the delegation of the People's Government of Hunan Province, mayor of government of the central city of Changsha (China):
Regional cooperation should be developing between Belarus and China. We already have pilot projects in the Republic of Belarus. For example, the company Zoomlion has been working in your country for more than a year.

These are not prospects but nearest-term plans. After a year Belarus' company MAZ will supply to China 100 vehicles. After three years, there will be ten times as many vehicles shipped. MAZ and Zoomlion will now jointly be moving to a new line of cars. The first prototypes proved to be useful. Communal vacuum cleaners cab already be seen in Minsk, while cranes are being used on construction sites in Moscow. 

Fire trucks, street cleaners on four wheels and cranes of the Belarusian-Chinese enterprise will take cargo machine building to new heights. Neither Belarus nor China produce such technologies, but the market does need them.

Vitaly Vovk, Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus:
This is a new product for the country to export. Products of such quality cannot be found today in the former Soviet Union. As for machinery for the Emergencies Ministry, there are all kinds ladders, towers with the water supply... This means access to high-rise construction. While we don't have such equipment, the construction is forbidden, because it will be impossible to evacuate people, we would not be able to save them.

New products are designed for Russia and Kazakhstan. In this market there are strict rules: the majority of components must be registered in the Eurasian Economic Union. Therefore, money will be Chinese but it will be Belarus who will assemble them. 

Chinese businessmen will get acquainted with the capabilities of the majority of plants BelavtoMAZ. In July 2016, the President promised to find investors from Strommashina enterprise. Tomorrow they will be at the enterprise. China trades with the whole world, but cooperates with Belarus. Belarus has maintained staff training and order at enterprises.    

Jie Fu Wang, vice president of an engineering corporation (China):
Your plants have great history. We are well familiar with Belarusian machines. We are satisfied with the quality control system, so we want to work with you.

Belarus is constantly increasing turnover with the world's second largest economy.  Belarus is increasing its exports to the country that has become a global assembly shop. There is interest in Belarusian tractors on the part of Chinese partners but these tractors are of the same type and there is not enough of them. Beijing is developing food security policies, so here Belarus has a lot of space to work on.