Belarus guarantees Chinese companies the most favorable conditions, President says

Belarus guarantees Chinese companies the most favorable conditions, President says

Belarus guarantees Chinese companies the most favorable conditions, said August 29 President Alexander Lukashenko meeting with representatives of the Chinese province of Hunan. 

The delegation is headed by the mayor of the central government of Changsha City and the head of a large construction company. Changsha one of the twenty largest cities in terms of economic development in China. More than seven million people live there.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Our countries and our peoples are bound by sincere friendship and fruitful cooperation in various fields. In the 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations Belarus and China have come a long way towards each other. There are no closed topics between us. We became strategic partners and we continue to move forward. A huge role in this process is played by the close inter-connection, which is confirmed by the arrival of the delegation from Hunan province in our country. I want to thank the head of Hunan Province Hu Henhua for his personal contribution to the establishment of friendly relations between Belarus and China. Your current visit has a special character. It takes place in the run-up to our summit with Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping, scheduled for September. These negotiations should initiate a qualitatively new stage of China-Belarus partnership and the implementation of full-scale investment projects.

Hu Henhua, head of the delegation of the People's Government of Hunan Province, mayor of the government of the central city of Changsha (China):
Regional cooperation should be developed between Belarus and China. We already have pilot projects in the Republic of Belarus. For example, the company ZoomLion has been working in your country for more than a year.

In the coming days, the Chinese delegation will visit several Belarusian enterprises, including plants in Minsk, Grodno and Mogilev. The interest has mutual nature.

Representatives of the company Zoomlion who met with the President, are interested in developing cooperation with Belarusian producers. In 2015, samples of construction and utility equipment on MAZ chassis were created. Joint projects are being implemented with the participation of Minsk Tractor Works and Gomselmash. The Chinese company owns the intellectual property rights for 1,200 models of equipment and machinery. Its offices are located in 80 countries.