Harvesting campaign 2016 in Belarus: it’s like on sports field

Harvesting campaign 2016 in Belarus: it’s like on sports field

Today, we will start with the results on the fields that feed us. If 9 medals at the Olympics are not the best results, 9 million tons of grain harvested in Belarus in 2016 are enough to cover the requirements. The harvesting campaign never rests. Saturday harvesting news from our correspondent Ilona Volynets.

Did you hear that sound? This is the ringing of fields being harvested.

Victor and Mikhail are leaders of the Minsk region and are among the best harvesters of the country. At work they are competitors, but in life companions. They finished with grain but time to rest has not yet come. From harvesters they move to tractors. Now they must prepare the ground for sowing of winter crops.

Today is a sunny day and Vitebsk farmers, without exaggeration, are fighting for each ear.

Harvesters know that the grain field is like sports pitch on which you need to fight to the end, that is, to the last grain. This is what Andrei's father repeats each summer. The teenager dreams of personal records on the field like his father.

Andrei Kurdo, combiner's assistant:
In the first form everyone was dreaming of becoming firemen, astronauts, but I had a dream to become a harvester. Here you can really earn but space... You know space is space...

Yanina Zenonovna shows her granddaughter how bread was made in earlier centuries. The pensioner, Yanina is still full of energy, but even for such experienced person it takes at least two days to clean this area. Therefore, with the advent of "mechanical giants" the sickle is no more equally effective. Just a couple of minutes and here they are - the golden mountains.

If there is bread, there will be a song. The old-timers of the village cherish this popular wisdom.

Belarusians have always treated harvesting creatively. Now straw bales is a perfect attribute for selfie.  Farmers know the value of one slice of bread.

Vera Mukel, chief agronomist of an agricultural enterprise:
A slice of bread. But in order to bake it, you need to use a bale of grain mass for grain.

For Belarus, a bread loaf weighing 9 million toes is more than enough.

Hundreds of harvesters, thousands of workers. Self-giving is at its maximum level! And behind each such bale lies incredible work. Looking at all of these stocks, you understand that animals will be fed and feel warm, and we, Belarusians, will be supplied with enough bread.