Belarus’ schools getting ready for 2016 academic year

Belarus’ schools getting ready for 2016 academic year

Good bye, Olympics, hello, school! That can be said today. Our next piece is about the life of Belarusians at the threshold of a new academic year. Alexandra Kulakova tried to look at this habitual but very exciting event in the lives of Belarusian people.

It is not a fitting room but a sports hall. At Minsk gymnasium No16, parents were partially freed from walking to numerous shops in order to prepare kids for the new academic year. Here a single uniform for students was being chosen. "Corporate identity" is a guarantee of discipline and excellent marks.

Marina Rybachenok, deputy director on educational work of gymnasium No16 of Minsk:
Blue are girls from senior forms. The red one is for 1st-6th forms. Now you don't have to make them wear school uniform. They all want it without reminders.

While children are trying on new clothes teachers sat at desks. They were revising curricula and workload in the new academic year. The main mission is to figure out how to lure children into the educational process.

This is a brand new school, which will open its doors just four days later. Now builders are still working here. They should bring furniture. It may seem that this school is very small. But imagine: against the scale of a small provincial village, this is like a real airfield. By the way, this school is located on the former site of a helipad. Builders say that if you look at it from above, it resembles a seagull.

500 square meters is the square of a gym alone. Outside are volleyball, hockey and other sports grounds. Over 500 kids will be studying here.

Vladimir Kutskevich, school bus driver:
Each new school year I hear them say: "Oh, uncle Volodya has come! That's all. Let's go!"

Uncle Volodya and his orange bus means the start of a new school year for children from the Naroch Lake region. 200 kilometers along the Naroch shores is a distance the school bus will cover every day. The MAZ bus will start plying August 31 at 7.00 in the morning.

Vladimir Kutskevich, school bus driver:
On the first day they shout so much, but then get used to it.

The new school is equipped with cutting edge technologies: interactive whiteboards, multimedia and language laboratories. All this resembles a fairy tale, the teachers say.

Valentina Shpakovskaya, Spanish and English teacher, Narochanskaya secondary school No.2:
As once came here as a young postgraduate and even now I remember that feeling of some mystery.

Yekaterina Kundro, English high school teacher, Narochanskaya secondary school No.2:
It's very exciting to be honest, because everything is new.

Work is in full swing in the kitchen. Cooks are washing tiles and boasting new equipment. Special pride is a new dishwasher and a stove.

While the Narochanskaya school is undergoing final preparations, the Abazakh family are purchasing some items for the new academic year.  Mom is strong in fashion design so she did her best to make the first school day for her kids a time worth remembering!

Abazakh family:
Thank God that almost all parents in Belarus want to give a good education to their children. The future of Belarus belongs to them.