Why is Hillary Clinton crying?


Why is Hillary Clinton crying?

Michael Morgulis, Honorary Consul of Belarus in the State of Florida (USA), theologian and political scientist, author of the spiritual concept of diplomacy, editor of an American magazine about Belarus has answered questions at the TV program Simple Questions with Egor Khrustalev.

Michael, let me ask you about the US presidential candidates. Before the cameras were switched on, you said that you are receiving postcards from Hillary Clinton.

Michael Morgulis:
I used to receive letters from her, now I get only postcards.

Probably, she was offended by something.

Michael Morgulis:
Well, yes. We were friends, when she was just a wife of President Bill Clinton. Alexander Lukashenko told me that they wanted to talk to each other during the UN meeting, but they couldn’t because of Mrs. Albright, the US Secretary of State at that time, who was always interrupting them. Anyways, Hillary of that time was like a friend to me. Why? At that time, a lot of bad things was said about her in the media, for instance, that she had a lot of affairs. Once, I saw her crying in church.

I wrote a letter to her where I said: “I know that you are crying now, and I advise her to refrain from watching  news, reading newspapers, talking to her friends, and from sleeping with her husband for two weeks. Spend all these two weeks with your daughter.”

I understood there was a chance that she wouldn’t get my letter. That’s why I gave it to my friend Mark Hatfield, a Senator from Oregon, who passed it to her in the corridor of the White House. She started to read it right in front of him. She read it and started to cry. Mark Hatfield asked what happened, and she said:”It is the only person in America who is feeling sorry for me.” Then he said:”Can you imagine that this person is either Russian or Ukrainian?” She wrote back to me, and we began our correspondence.

When she became a politician, first, she became a Senator, then Secretary of State, she began to tell a lot of lies.

Politics is a kind of drugs that tempt people. I wrote to her:”Why are you doing it? Why are saying all these things?” She was very offended by that, I think.