"I pray Clinton does not not become president," Michael Morgulis says


"I pray Clinton does not not become president," Michael Morgulis says

Michael Morgulis, Honorary Consul of Belarus in the State of Florida (USA), theologian and political scientist, author of the spiritual concept of diplomacy, editor of an American magazine about Belarus has answered questions of the TV program Simple Questions with Egor Khrustalev.

Michael, it is believed that Clinton's win in the USA is not a great outcome for Belarus and Russia.

Michael Morgulis:

I pray she does not become president.

The fact is that no one here knows the internal mechanism. The fact is that 45-50 million people in the USA are absolutely not interested in political programs and, in general, programs of presidential candidates.

They just look at the TV picture?

Michael Morgulis:
No, these are people who receive benefits, money, free meals. They got used to live this way. Many African Americans. They are not interested.

The main thing for them is not to be deprived of the "feeder". Hillary Clinton promises to leave all this.

But Trump says they need to work. Therefore, they will automatically vote for her. So I am afraid that they may still elect her. But Trump is a businessman, he is a man of thinking, his hands are not dirty because of politics, he has a different set of mind, business-like mentality. And he will be more pragmatic to everything.

But it is not very popular?

Michael Morgulis:
Yes. My children believe Hillary but my wife and I will vote for Trump. They believe that this is what democracy is about.

We are certainly interested in the attitude towards Belarus. How true are assumptions that Clinton is a worse choice for Belarus than Trump? Who of "the two evils" to choose?

Michael Morgulis:

You see, Trump will treat Belarus from a pragmatic point of view.

I say that Belarus is a small country. This is the gateway between East and West. When speaking in Congress I ask: "Do you want to lock these gates so that nothing comes through? We also need to somehow have contacts and meet." And he said: "I will, of course, establish relations with Russia and with other countries that we have lost." I think that in the future, Russia, and Belarus, and the United States will end up in the same boat. Because there are so many threats, including Islamic terrorism and aggression.