Sergei Shchurko: I am sure Domracheva did not take doping


Sergei Shchurko: I am sure Domracheva did not take doping

The Olympic Games in Rio has completed. What will it be remembered for and what is happening in world and Belarusian sport? This was the topic of discussion on August 21 in the talk show What's Going On? on the TV channel RTR-Belarus.

Egor Khrustalyov:
Colleagues-journalists, we can say that such a thing as absolutely pure sport is very, very debatable, because what to do with some vitamins, hypnosis, psychological support? Where is the line, where this point where pure sport begins?

Sergey Shchurko, journalist of the newspaper Pressball, sports manager:

Firstly, there were cases of doping already at the very first Olympic Games. People chewed coca leaves, it gave forces and then drank something else.

As for the statement of Anfisa Reztsova, I think Dasha Domracheva replied with a decent fact. Actually, this is why the Russian biathlon school was not liked by others, because Russians thought that you can't achieve anything without doping. This is not true. I am sure Dasha Domracheva did not use any substances, maybe some vitamins for recovery. But her athletic feat is graceful. As for the statement by Andrey about the development of some legal Belarusian stimulant, I would support it.

Well, if we still use meldonium... I'm sorry, but are we still back in the 1970s? Guys, can't we think of anything new? Need someone's initiative? Again a presidential decree or what?     

Alexander Bogdanovich, captain of the Olympic team of Belarus (Rio de Janeiro, 2016), medal winner of the Olympic Games (London 2012), champion of the Olympic Games (Beijing, 2008), rowing and canoeing world and European champion:
It stimulates us to think ahead. But it is only we who are caught, while the same L-carnitine is not banned. We need to be ahead of others.

Egor Khrustalyov:
We should understand that the medicine should work.

Alexander Bogdanovich:
We need something in any case, something to help our athletes recover. We should be pioneers in this area.