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Alexander Lukashenko demands to improve discipline at enterprises: results of working visit to Brest region

This week Alexander Lukashenko made a working visit to the Brest region. The head of state visited a number of enterprises in the region, and draw attention to a number of shortcomings in agricultural service stations.  The President instructed to restore the system of agricultural services.

Alexander Lukashenko was making unannounced visits to enterprises and farms that were far from the best.

The aim of these visits is to make people do their job more efficiently.

The purpose of all agricultural service stations is to provide necessary service both for agricultural farms and for individual farmers. However, these enterprises usually require help for themselves.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
It is necessary to develop service enterprises. Am I not right? They become useless only when we don’t want to work. We don’t want to work and we think let it be as it is now. We just unwillingly go to work.

These words were addressed to the head of Malorita Raiagrotekhnika and all his colleagues in all Belarus’ regions.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You should get to work. God help you if I see the same thing at other enterprises in other regions. First of all, I’m addressing the deputy prime minister. You should inform everyone about this. A service station should provide service for everyone.

The plan of action is the following: chairmen of regional executive committees should bring discipline to all enterprises, to exercise control over their activity, and to report on the fulfillment of the assignments by the end of the year.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Everyone is trying to put their responsibilities on somebody else’s shoulders. However, who will take responsibility in the end? Everybody should be pushed towards the right direction. Why is there such a mess?

Everything depends on the man in charge. If there is a leader, there will be results. I’ve been through that. There were two unprofitable enterprises. One of them was mine. Before I started to work there, executives were changing every year. I decided to break this pattern. Why am I saying all that? Because I want it to be a lesson for all of you. We made an agreement, let’s work then. We’ll understand those who doesn’t want to work (tired, or sick). Nevertheless, when a strong-arm man is not capable of dealing with his enterprise…

The President also mentioned the JSC “Savushkin Product”, saying that everybody should learn something from the work of the enterprise, because in spite of all the problems this enterprise had, it is now performing on a very high level.

To encourage hard work and competition, the minimal unemployment rate will be retained. There should be a strict discipline at every enterprise. Heads of enterprises should learn from each other and work hard. Government officials should be good to people and be open to their initiative. All that was said in Malorita should be done in all Belarus’ regions.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Any failure to follow the orders will turn everything into a mess. It will be a collapse of the state. We will have the Ukrainian variant. However, we are not as rich as Ukraine or Russia. They envy us today. Why? Because we were united, we worked efficiently, and we have a lot more to show when it goes to discipline and efficiency. All decisions that I make here, on the ground, should be strictly followed.

Alexander Lukashenko demands to improve discipline at enterprises: results of working visit to Brest region