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Sun, wind and water energy: Belarus President holds meeting on effectiveness of use of domestic energy resources

Sun, wind and water energy. The effectiveness of the use of domestic energy resources was the central topic during the meeting with Alexander Lukashenko.

The President demanded to work more efficiently in that direction. Belarus is dependent on import of energy resources, that’s why the use of domestic energy resource is a very topical issue. The use of domestic resources and alternative sources of energy will allow to have a clean environment and reduce costs. A lot of decisions were made on that matter. That was a checkpoint meeting, said the President.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
As an experiment, we built several such boiler rooms, such stations. And not several, maybe, we already have a hundred or a thousand of them. Small, large, larger ones. They generate heat using domestic fuels. We also made a decision to produce our own heating equipment and boilers, so that we will be able to facilitate our boiler rooms with these boilers. It means that a lot of decisions were made on this matter. We are talking about the efficiency of management and reducing the costs. Since oil and gas are quite expensive, and coal, 100% of which is purchased, we need to use our own resources. This problem is compounded by the fact that it is painful to watch that we have a huge amount of biological resources that can be used as fuel. But they simply disappear. So now it is essential to intensify efforts to use domestic resources in order to be as little as possible dependent on imports, and reduce production costs.

We have some results. In twenty years, Belarus’ GDP has increased by 2.5 times. At the same time, energy costs have not increased. Local fuels replaced more than 2 billion cubic meters of gas. However, it is only a tenth of that is imported annually. The government spends more than USD 3 billion a year to purchase gas. What is the reason for that inefficient use of natural resources?

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I am reported on facts of the unsustainable exploitation of existing power plants and the implementation of economically unsound projects. So, for instance, if we built a power plant in Pruzhany, and we considered it to be a pilot project. So in summer, they didn’t know where to use such amount of heat. I’m providing this example, because it’s nonsense to waste heat during summer time. Right? Then I was promised that a drying device for wood and for furniture manufacture will be produced. It’s been some time, years have passed. How are we using existing power plants? There are economically unsound projects. We are going to build an power plant and pay a ton of money, realizing that it will never pay off and will be unprofitable. It’s a crime.

Today, in Belarus, there are more than 3200 stations working on local fuels. Construction of large-sized biogas plants is profitable for Belarus. The program for 2016-2020 will be reviewed. The energy system of Belarus is 9300 MW. The potential of local fuels is about 10-15%.

Belarus is using less than 1% of sun, wind and biomass energy. The main reason is a high cost of plants. However, good planning will allow this kind of energy to become very competitive in Belarus. The efficiency of the use if local fuels for heat generation mostly depends on rational management.

However, it’s essential not to allow excess of electric energy.

The nuclear station in Belarus and efficient use of other resources will allow Belarus to produce 30-40% of energy needed.

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