Chinese regions' interest in practical cooperation with Belarus growing, Alexander Lukashenko says

Chinese regions' interest in practical cooperation with Belarus growing, Alexander Lukashenko says

Technology, investment and the strengthening of regional ties. This is the formula for success of trade relations between Belarus and China. Prospects for the development of the strategic partnership between the two countries were discussed during the August 18 meeting of President Alexander Lukashenko with Secretary on Political and Legislative Affairs of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Meng Jianzhu.

Today, the countries are united by general principles of domestic and foreign policy. Particular impetus to the bilateral relations is given by the regular meetings of the heads of state. The next one will take place in the near future. In late September 2016, President Alexander Lukashenko plans a state visit to China. Therefore, today's study of the key directions of further bilateral cooperation is of particular importance.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Your country is now preparing to host the G20 summit. Belarus and the whole world are closely watching the growth of the international authority of the People's Republic of China. I am sure China will offer at this forum your view on the ways to solve the problems in the world economy and politics. I would like you, Mr Meng Jianzhu, to convey to my friend, the President of China Xi Jinping, wishes for a successful Hangzhou summit. I, of course, am waiting for our meeting with him, a personal meeting, the traditional trust-based exchange of views during my state visit, planned for the end of September.

The Belarusian-Chinese business forum in May 2015 gave a new impetus to the establishment of inter-regional relations. The Chinese regions are increasingly showing practical interest in closer cooperation. The recent launch of the Belarusian satellite from Chinese Xichang site and the creation of modern defense systems brought our technological partnership to a new, very trust-based height. Along with investment cooperation, it should become the main engine of the bilateral cooperation. I have no doubt that the second session of the Belarusian-Chinese intergovernmental committee on cooperation will be fruitful and will mark specific areas for further effective development of our relations. I sincerely thank you, dear Mr. Meng Jianzhu, for close attention to the strengthening of Belarusian-Chinese friendship and partnership. I think that we will succeed along this way.

The delegation includes senior representatives of various ministries and departments of China.  Belarus-China relations encompass probably all areas, from culture and science to economy. Today emphasis is placed on regional cooperation. It can expand trade and economic potential, both sides are sure. Technology exchange is very important.

Any meeting of the delegations should bring a noticeable effect. But a state visit is usually a breakthrough in relations. Especially because Belarus and China long ago established particularly confidential contacts at the political level.

Meng Jianzhu, Member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Secretary of Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China:
Thanks to the promotion of our leaders, the Chinese-Belarusian relations and cooperation are now experiencing the best times in the history of their development. Politically, we have identical positions on most international and regional problems. And we have an unprecedented high level of mutual political trust.

Vladimir Zinovsky, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
All companies interested that want to come to the Great Stone Industrial Park or to Belarus in general shall be credited using credit resources of Eximbank of China, under certain conditions. They will be considered for each project separately, which will, of course, contribute to their more rapid entry to the share capital of Belarusian companies. Alternatively, purely "greenfield" projects can be started by Chinese investors on the territory of our country.

Just recently members of the commission for trade and economic cooperation have returned from China. On August 18, Minsk hosted a meeting of the intergovernmental committee on cooperation, at which the parties signed a number of documents.

Chinese investment and Belarusian capacities. This joint venture was created in 2007. It assembles microwave ovens and boilers. The prospects include coolers and steam humidifiers.  It all started from a simple assembly plant. Now this acts in a closed cycle. Here are workshops for stamping, assembly and painting. The company employs 150 people. But it is going to recruit more. The production of microwave ovens is expanding. The main market is now Russia.

You Baofeng, CEO of a Belarusian-Chinese enterprise:
Each new summit to some extent is reflected on the further development of our company. During this year, we have increased production by 40% to 540,000 microwave ovens per year. We are entering the markets of Kazakhstan, Germany and Holland.