Belarus President demands efficient use of energy

Belarus President demands efficient use of energy

It is necessary to build up the use of local fuels in the energy system of Belarus, said the President during the meeting on the effectiveness of the use of domestic energy resources.

Earlier the President adopted a number of decisions, as well as a pilot project aimed at reducing dependence on gas purchases. As a result, local fuels replaced more than 2 billion cubic meters of "blue fuel". However, it is only a tenth of that is imported annually.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus: 
A lot of decisions were made. Therefore, this meeting is to control how you implemented these decisions. And I ask to report what has been done. Since oil and gas are quite expensive and we also need to use our coal more, not purchase 100% of it. This problem is compounded by the fact that it is painful to watch that we have a huge amount of biological resources that can be used as fuel. But they simply disappear. So now it is essential to intensify efforts to use domestic resources in order to be as little as possible dependent on imports, and reduce production costs.

I am reported on facts of the unsustainable exploitation of existing power plants and the implementation of economically unsound projects. I would like to hear from the present members of the government and local leaders detailed and clear answers to the questions: what are the reasons for the inefficient use of our natural resources in Belarus; why do I have to persuade, push, set goals, and control you all the time. The second question is: what are the areas of improvement in this area and what action do we need to take? Third: what is the connection between the planned build-up of local consumption of fuel and energy resources and that extra energy that we will get after the commissioning of the Belarusian nuclear power plant?

In recent years, steel boilers have begun using 10% more local fuels. According to experts, Belarus has a great potential of renewable energy sources. First of all it is biomass, wind and sun. However, today Belarus uses only a small amount of it. After the meeting, the President instructed the Government to review the energy saving program for the coming four years.