Belarusian army puts into service new Protivnik radar system


Belarusian army puts into service new Protivnik radar system

Belarusian military are now armed with the latest radar system. The complex Protivnik [eng: Enemy] is equipped with modern computer technology, which allows simultaneously tracking 200 targets at altitudes of up to 150 kilometers. 

The limiting range of the three-axis locator is 450 kilometers. 

It is able to carry out combat duty tasks anywhere in Belarus. Among its main advantages is its mobility. To deploy it the crew needs about 30 minutes. Just to compare, its predecessors were much slower and took 19 hours to deploy. 

In terms of the combination of features, such as the accuracy of coordinate measuring and service area, the complex is much more modern than other counterparts.

Igor Nasibyants, chief of radio engineering troops of air force and air defense forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
I am confident that with the arrival of these radars we will complete the creation of radar reconnaissance system of non-strategic missile defense. One element of this system has already been created: this is a continuous radar field over Minsk. We get almost everything from extremely low to extremely high altitudes.