New rules for civil drone owners in Belarus


New rules for civil drone owners in Belarus

The Council of Ministers of Belarus has approved new rules for the use of the so-called drones. Now they are not subject to state registration, but you can use them at an altitude of no more than 100 meters. This limitation is due to security concerns. Moreover, this applies to both amateurs and professionals.

Grigory Bobko, acting head of the department on airspace use, Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
If we draw an analogy with other countries, for example, Japan, you must get an appropriate permission of the prefectural police to fly those drones. In Turkey, flight of model aircraft is prohibited at all if the organization is not a state one. So the legislation in Belarus is one of the most democratic in the post-Soviet space.

Another novelty is that you must mark models weighing more than 500 grams. You must write your name, surname and place of residence. The resolution is already in force. In addition, by 28 August the list of no-flight zones will appear.

Vladimir Abanovich, international sport aircraft modeling referee, chairman of the aircraft modeling sports college of the Republic of Belarus:
Everything will now be organized, much simpler. Now we will know where we can fly and where we cannot. Secondly, now everyone will be held accountable for their aircraft. It will be easier for the state and citizens.

Belarus is also working to simplify the procedure of state registration of aircraft weighing up to 115 kilograms. These are paragliders and moto hang-gliders. Documents are already under consideration, with a decision to be made by early 2017.