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Every fifth Belarusian newborn born in Minsk

Every fifth Belarusian newborn is born in Minsk. In 2015, almost 23,000 children were born in the capital. The trend of 2016 is an increase of the family size in the capital. Doctors say that more than half of births are second and subsequent children.

The Belarus capital is rapidly catching up with the Brest region. It is this very south-western region of Belarus where third child appears in the family the most often. Thanks to modern technology and strong government support Belarusian physicians manage to nurse children weighing even up to a kilogram.

Maternity clinic No.2 of Minsk has beaten the record for the number of newborn babies. In H1, about three thousand kids were born here. There are more boys than girls. Up to 32 babies are born per day.

In terms of the second child, Minsk is ahead of any other place in Belarus. Doubles and triples are no exception. Happiness is in bulk, so to speak.

Every fifth Belarusian newborn born in Minsk