President Lukashenko promises no price growth in Belarus

President Lukashenko promises no price growth in Belarus

The Belarus President believes that one of the main tasks for the state is to provide people with jobs. The Head of State said this communicating with Malorita residents. Another topic raised was price increases. It should not be allowed, Alexander Lukashenko is sure.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
The main thing is not to allow imbalanced prices. When there is no opportunity to raise salaries, prices must not increase either. If this is the case, this is a big drawback.

Prices should not rise now, we have already decided on it, haven't we?

Take care of yourself and take care of this piece of land, given to us by God. Beautiful piece of land.
Chiefs hear this conversation. If they unfairly hurt people, I will react to it. Now it is very easy to reach any chief, even the biggest one.

Rely on yourself and not be afraid to work is the main things Belarusians should do now, said the President. The country has all opportunities for a decent salary.  Alexander Lukashenko also explained who in Belarus can count on state support.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The main thing is to give people jobs. One needs to seek for happiness on their own land. That is my main task: to create here the conditions for normal life. They're good, but we need to ensure that every person has a job. And how you will work and earn it... I will not take away anything.

The state will help those who don't sit idly.

The state's duty is to help the poorest.  Not to give a salary, not to go to a farm and do something there.