Belarus' President promises to constantly monitor KPI of regions

Belarus' President promises to constantly monitor KPI of regions

August 15, a meeting was held in the Malorita district dedicated to the socio-economic development of the Brest region. President Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the new format of his working visits to the country's regions.

It will now change, which is due to the intention of the head of state to examine the situation on the ground closely, to see the problems and compare it with the available information on other regions. The Malorita district is among the laggards in terms of a variety of positions.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
Frankly, I would like to more closely and carefully examine the situation on the ground in our western region. From Vitebsk region to the Grodno region.  I would like to see the challenges facing the regions located in the western part of Belarus. What are the problems? Although we generally know them but I would like solutions.

Having been in the Grodno region, I have come today to Brest. Naturally, I compared the development of Grodno region and these lands, the Brest region, and I will draw appropriate conclusions.

There is no state of emergency in my visits. In each place I was interested in this or that problem. We will now change the style of the President's working trips. I understand that every governor and chairman of the executive committee will find what to show the President. But if I only look at the beautiful examples in our economy, we will not resolve our problems.

Once again, I want to say that I no more would like to see this.

The President noted that in general, the Brest region had not fulfilled four of the eight key performance indicators. Among them is the pace of economic growth, productivity, exports, and foreign direct investment.

Alexander Lukashenko:
You know my position. You have known it for a long time. I will constantly monitor KPIs, at least the key performance indicators defined in the so-called matrix of tasks for the "power vertical".

And you just want to warn you. I would not like to intimidate anyone. Therefore, we need to change the style of work, both you and I. But I want to warn you: all the decisions I make here must be strictly enforced, whatever it costs you. I tell this the government and the governor, and the Executive Committee of the Malorita district and other district and the heads of enterprises.

All the decisions must be enforced. Yes, sometimes it is necessary to take some decisive action. But this does not mean that we do not need to consult with experts in a particular field.

It is necessary to compare, it is necessary to compare, consult with the best experts.