District agricultural service stations to be restored in all Belarus' regions

District agricultural service stations to be restored in all Belarus' regions

Working trips by the Belarus President will be carried out in a new format. On August 15, the head of state announced approaches that will now be used when visiting regions.

Alexander Lukashenko was in the Brest region today. Here the head of state visited a number of enterprises. The President instructed to restore district agricultural service stations in all regions of Belarus.

At the local enterprise Malorita Raiagrotekhnika, Alexander Lukashenko drew attention to mismanagement in premises. Some of the unused areas were put up for auction without even trying to find an option to effectively use them. Meanwhile regional agricultural services focus on services not only to agricultural farms but also to individual farmers and other citizens. Therefore, the available infrastructure needs to be brought in the proper state and the number of services expanded. This will enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of these companies.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
In no case can we tear down the infrastructure that once existed. And remember: regional agricultural technicians will remain in the future and we have to revive them in all areas. As well as district agricultural service stations. You will anyway need these service stations, for one reason or another. Private owners will also come here if you make this promptly. Chairmen of district executive committees must first restore the entire infrastructure and then, on this basis, provide new services. 
Second. Chairmen of district executive committees now manage only economic departments but in fact they do almost nothing. Take your economists, accountants and set prices for services, after consultation with chairmen of collective farms and state farms. Set prices, show them that this is a minimum price and here are your little profits (they should not be large). And then they'll go to them, and then he, if he has an extra penny, will help him restore agricultural machinery.

The head of state also visited the agricultural enterprise "Savushkino". It operates at a profit and is growing steadily. However, the President also paid attention to less financially and economically successful organizations and listened to suggestions on how to improve their effectiveness.

On August 15, the President spoke with Malorita residents. They talked about opportunities to earn more, demographic security and the Olympics. Now a meeting is underway in Brest at which questions of social and economic development of the Brest region are being discussed.