Belarusian pilots to donate Army Games prize to orphanage

Belarusian pilots to donate Army Games prize to orphanage

A few hours ago, a team of air defense and air force of Belarus returned from the International Army Games.

The informal Army Olympics started July 30 and will end this Saturday. 

Participating in the competition are 3,000 people from 20 countries.

Belarusian military were represented in 8 competitions - tank and flight crews, sniper pairs, engineering, dog service, assault platoons and others.

Anastasia Benedisyuk, CTV channel:
Musicians, flowers, hospitable girls in national costumes - you may not know the results, but you do understand that winners have arrived.  They were the most accurate in the sky at the August 7 competitions over the Ryazan region of Russia. As a result, team Belarus has grabbed two silver medals.

Air darts is perhaps one of the most spectacular tests at the army military Olympics. In addition to Belarus, teams from Russia, China and Kazakhstan competed. These are countries with high levels of military aviation.

Oleg Dvigalev, commander of the Air Force and Air Defence of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
We proved that the Republic of Belarus has its own school of military training. Tactical training is at the highest level!

In the most important disciplines, Belarusians were the best, but could not win gold. The assessment system was based on points. Both in the attack aircraft and helicopter events, Belarus was second only to Russia.

Alexander Lukyanovich, commander of the 50th Mixed Air Base of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
Our crews decided to take money instead of the main prize. And this money will be transferred to a children's home. What children's home it will be? We will determine it at an officers' meeting

In September, the Air Forces of Belarus will receive 4 combat training aircraft Yak-130 from Irkutsk.

This is why our pilots suggest introducing an additional nomination by the next Army Olympic Games.