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Belarus national team rises to 70th place in FIFA ranking

The Belarus national team has risen two lines in the updated ranking of the International Football Federation (FIFA) and now occupies 70th place.

In July, Belarus team did not play, with 507 points remaining. Belarus' next match is in Oslo against Norway on August 31. Norway are in 50th place in the August FIFA ranking. 

The friendly against the Norwegians will be a dress rehearsal before the start in the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifying tournament. In the first match of qualifying Group A Belarusians on September 6 will take on France at Borisov Arena. They are European vice-champions who now occupy 7th place in the world ranking. The other group A teams are 26 - the Netherlands, 40 - Sweden, 77 - Bulgaria and 145 - Luxembourg.

Among the teams of the former Soviet Union the national team of Ukraine is the highest, 30th. While hosts of the next World Cup Russia occupies 38th place.

Topping the ranking are Argentina, Belgium and Colombia. European champions Portugal are 6th, while Spain 8th, Brazil 9th and Italy 10th.

Belarus national team rises to 70th place in FIFA rankings