Alexander Lukashenko meets with Bryansk region governor

Alexander Lukashenko meets with Bryansk region governor

Belarus and Bryansk Oblast of Russia should increase cooperation, and not just commercial. Promising sectors of collaboration were discussed on August 11 at a meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with the governor of that Russian region Alexander Bogomaz.

In recent years, the bilateral trade turnover has decreased. While it was about $900 million in 2013, in 2015 it was only $464.5 million.

On August 11, at a meeting in the Palace of Independence, a growth in the first half of 2016 was noted optimistically. However, the figure of 6-7% is far from the desired result. The President of Belarus proposed to deepen the cooperation in the construction, social sectors and agriculture.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You know our capabilities, it does not make sense if I once again enumerate these opportunities in agriculture and in industry. If we talk about, say, the village, we can supply to the Bryansk region not only some equipment. I would like to draw your attention to more serious issues. For example, agricultural science. That is, it is time we moved from simple exchange to a more in-depth cooperation in all areas, including in agriculture. We are ready to share with you all that we have. I emphasize again, because we are neighbors, and you are not strangers to us. And Belarusians are no strangers to you. You know that we have done a lot in the social field, particularly in terms of transport development for the people. These are bus transportation services. Now you are upgrading housing in the same way as we are doing and as countries throughout the former Soviet Union are doing. Do you know what sort of lifts are installed there. And without them it is impossible to live today, you need to install high-rise elevators. We have adapted to this change. I have recently visited this plant. We're making good, modern elevators. Of the same size, volume that were once installed in these buildings. Therefore, if you need it, we are ready to join the program for the full replacement of elevator equipment. And not only for old buildings... We are also ready to produce elevators for new buildings.

Alexander Bogomaz stressed that Belarus and the Bryansk region are united not only by a common border but also by a common language and the scale of values. This makes connections even stronger. Three assembly facilities for the production of Belarusian machinery are already open in the Bryansk region. Also, distribution networks of Belarusian companies have been organized.

Alexander Bogomaz, Governor of the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation:
Today our trade has gone down. It fell in 2015. A lot of factors influenced this. Perhaps it was influenced by the situation in the market. But what gives optimism today is that in the first half of 2016 it grew by 7-8%. That is, today Bryansk region supplies to the Republic of Belarus ferrous metals, spare parts for locomotives and oil products, and other products. From you, we get, of course foodstuffs (it is 70%). They are in great demand among our population, because they are of high quality, and people know that what is produced in Belarus is of high-quality, for example, dairy products. And we are all happy to buy them.   

Belarus exports to the Bryansk region dairy products, machinery for agriculture, wallpaper and other wall coverings. The Russian region supplies to Belarus petroleum products, scrap and waste of ferrous metals. The population of the Bryansk region is over 1.2 million people.

Traditionally, the Russian guests also visited Victory Square, where they paid tribute to those killed in the Great Patriotic War. The Governor of the Bryansk region laid a wreath to the monument in Victory Square. The anthems of the two countries were played followed by a minute of silence. Red carnations were laid at the eternal fire.