Belarus at Rio Olympics: August 10 summary


Belarus at Rio Olympics: August 10 summary

Belarus is still without medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The Belarusian Olympic team are still only dreaming of Brazilian podiums. On August 10, fans hoped for the success of the world cycling champion Vasil Kiriyenka and female weightlifters. But they all disappointed us.

Vasil Kiriyenka, in the men's individual time trial, was not able to show the class. The current world champion already at the equator of the race distance was about one minute behind the first-placed athlete and further into the race, the gap was only increasing.

As a result, at the finish Kiriyenka showed the 17th best time, losing about 4 minutes to Swiss Fabian Cancellara. Another Belarusian Konstantin Sivtsov was 25th.

In the women's individual time trial, Alena Amialiusik was 11th. American Kristin Armstrong, who is turning 43 today, won gold.

In saber events, Belarus' Alexander Buikevich began with the last 32. In the first round he defeated Canadian Joseph Polossifakis. The score was 15:6 in favor of the Belarusian. But in the last 16, Alexander's contender was much more serious - London's Olympic champion Aron Szilagyi of Hungary. The first period was won by the Belarusian, but in the second one, the opponent prevailed and won 15:12. Alexander Buikevich leaves the Olympic tournament.

In the evening program, Belarusian fans focused on weightlifters. In the weight category up to 69 kilograms, two Belarusians competed: Daria Pochobut and Anastasia Mikhalenko. Alas, the young Belarusians could not cope with the nerves. In the snatch, Pochobut completed only one attempt - 105kg. Mikhalenko did not even manage to lift the bar and finished the competition.

In the clean and jerk, Pochobut coped with the weight of 132 kilograms, but the of 237 kilograms gave her only sixth final place. 

Chinese Yanmei Xiang lifted a weight of 261 kilograms to bag gold.

Belarusian artistic gymnast Andrei Lihovitsky entered the Olympic stage as a finalist in the all-around.There were not so many medal hopes connected with the naturalized Russian. In the qualifying, he showed only the 16th best result. In the final, he did what he could scoring 0.134 points less than in the qualifying and took 18th place. Japanese Kohei Uchimura celebrated the victory.

Swimmer Alexandra Gerasimenya has also failed to impress. At the preliminary stage of the women's 100m freestyle, she was 13th in the quarterfinal. Her time was 54.25 seconds. In the semifinals, she could not improve her result. The Belarusian swam 0.09 slower and stopped competing in this event. Maybe she will improve performance in the 50m freestyle. 

Another Belarusian Nikita Tsmyg, did not complete the qualification in the 200 meters backstroke. He came in last.

Boxer Dzmitry Asanau has begun his performance at the Rio Olympics. 

The the last 32, Asanau in the hardest fight defeated a representative of the Dominican Republic, Hector Luis Garcia Mora. 

The fight was equal, but two of the three judges sided with the Belarusian. In the last 16 on Sunday, with Belarusian will take on a representative of Mongolia.