Bus with Belarusian journalist attacked by unknown in Rio


Bus with Belarusian journalist attacked by unknown in Rio

A Belarusian journalist has been injured in an attack on a bus at the Rio Olympics. The incident occurred after the basketball game Belarus v Brazil, where the Belarusian team narrowly won.

The vehicles with media representatives were attacked on their way to the Main Press Center of the Olympic Games. Witnesses reported several shots. However, later reports state that these were stones. Two people were slightly injured. Among them is a Belarusian journalist. In his video blog, sports journalist Artur Zhol reported about details of the incident.

Artur Zhol, journalist of the newspaper "Pressball":
We were returning from the basketball game where Belarusians phenomenally beat Brazilians. I heard two pops, quiet and small. And I saw that all the glass covered with cracks. I bent down to the floor and all the other journalists followed suit. They did not understand what happened but it's the usual security measure in such a situation. We drove to the nearest police post, the military. They stopped us and took control of the situation.

The security issues are the most painful for the organizers of the games. On August 9 a delegation from Montenegro was under attack. Some unknown people provoked an accident and then took away personal belongings of the representatives of the diplomatic corps.

In addition to this, on August 7, the press center was evacuated due to the threat of a terrorist attack. However, nothing serious followed. However, the police of Rio de Janeiro has once again stated that they cannot guarantee safety of tourists and even Olympians.