President Lukashenko sets task to improve status of teachers in society

President Lukashenko sets task to improve status of teachers in society

To raise the status of teachers is a task set today by the Belarus head of state. The President held a meeting on the readiness of the country for the new school year.

The status of the teacher, to which the President drew particular attention, is one of the urgent problems.

It is possible to increase the status of the teacher in Belarus, including at the expense of salary growth.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The status of secondary school teachers goes beyond the social matters and is becoming a political issue. For many reasons. Let's say openly: the teachers have always been entrusted with a difficult mission and they have never been rich. Not reach are they now, to put it mildly.

But the burden on them, including the political burden, is enormous. Take on the topic of the day, the parliamentary elections, the recent presidential election: who were in the core of the political foundation that led the major political campaign? Teachers, doctors, civil servants. And today, these categories of citizens, who provide stability in our state, are not rich at all. But above all, the teacher.

I am far from that populism, I will not shout "let us raise salaries", as some suggest.

I do not want to raise the question this way. I want to say it in a different way: this situation with teachers' salaries is intolerable. Therefore, let us load the teacher as much as they can be loaded but will pay a decent salary. We will not lose the teacher - they are and they will be working here. But we are losing the strongest staff from our education system - first of all, from schools.

We often say: "Why do women make the majority of teachers?" Since ancient times, the man has been the breadwinner. The hunter, the miner and so on. Will he, the man, support his family with these salaries?  The man goes to look for another job, where he can earn more. This is not quite good.

By the way: everything that I have said boils down to the fact that we need to increase the status of teachers.

In the new school year more than 3,000 secondary schools will operate in Belarus. And from September 1, two new schools will open their doors.