Minsk for tourists: culture, history and night parties


Minsk for tourists: culture, history and night parties

Minsk is trying to develop its tourism potential. However, the capital has only about 20 travel agencies whose primary specialization is inbound tourism.

For comparison, the number of outbound travel companies is about 500. The share of Minsk in the national volume of exports of travel services is more than half - 52%. The city began to promote its possibilities to attract visitors in social networks. The number of tourists from far abroad has somewhat increased recently.

The correspondent of the program "Week" on the CTV has walked the official routes for guests and party places of Minsk.

Historical Minsk

Anastasia Vincho, CTV correspondent:
Minsk is a city with a long history. Believe me, this is every building holds many secrets. The following year, the city will celebrate its 950th anniversary. By the way, do you know when Minsk was first mentioned in history? In 1067. But this is actually everything I know about Minsk's history. Hopefully, this tour we are going to have will add some knowledge!

The free walk through the pages of the history of the city began at 7 o'clock. An interesting fact...

Dmitry Monich, guide:
In 1599, Minsk received its coat of arms.

It is interesting to listen about the Holy Spirit Monastery. It turns out that once it was Catholic.

After 15 minutes, the number of people increases. 

Dmitry Monich, guide:
These were international trade fairs. They gathered merchants from the West and the East.

The guide's words are confirmed by historians.

I myself am a historian, but there are still new facts for me. He told us everything in great detail.

We walked the streets of the Upper Town for about an hour.

Cultural Minsk

Anastasia Vincho, CTV correspondent:
Literally a stone's throw, there is a continuation of the cultural program. Classic evenings near the Town Hall have already become a tradition. And now the musicians are playing the same classic. For example, little Masha plays works by Paganini. Look at how many people are listening, waiting and supporting the little girl!

Our Masha immediately found fans. Not only the Belarusian public is impressed.

Tourist and correspondent:
- A very good violinist, the girl played Paganini.
- Aren't you from Minsk? By accent I hear that you are not.
- From Ukraine.

With this stage sound Mozart, Brahms and Vivaldi. The atmospheric town gives a good mood.

Minsk residents and CTV correspondent:
I am very pleased that Minsk has really come to life in recent years. We lacked it.

- For me this is the first time at such an event. We will definitely come next time!
- Where are you from?
- From Uruchcha neighborhood.

The concert program at the Town Hall started at about noon. This place hosted the Days of Polish Culture. The kaleidoscope of international events will continued by the Georgian national holiday "Trilisoba", Days of Korean and Ukrainian cultures.

Andrei Shorets, Minsk Mayor:
I see that the people of the city and guests are interested in these events. We will offer diasporas such an event next year too. I hope that they will be supported and will find a wide response.

Summer evenings at the Town Hall is like a hallmark of Minsk. Open-airs in the center of the capital attract thousands of visitors every Saturday.

Minsk at night

What is the street where the majority of parties are held?

Anastasia Vincho, CTV correspondent:
Zybitskaya Street blew Minsk last year. Recently, taxi drivers simply did not know where it is. And now, look how many people are here. This is funny, interesting, atmospheric!

In the crowd of travelers, you can meet tourists.

Beatrice Saseda, tourist (Spain):
This is a very clean city. Very beautiful. Even at night there is a lot of sunlight. I like this street.

Michael Ekpo, tourist (Nigeria):
I like the weather, I like the people. They are quite peaceful. And yes, this is a good destination for tourists to spend peaceful vacations.

Minsk resident:
Oh, we are being filmed! Honey, I'll call you back!

Night Minsk cannot do without street musicians.

Minsk resident:
This is reminiscent of something, you know, from other countries. Belarus does not know this yet. Everyone will remember this summer.


Anastasia Vincho, CTV correspondent:
A good way to finish the evening is with a short walk along the Svisloch River embankment. This is a very romantic place. Water, and lanterns' light glides over the waves. And you know, Minsk... It is so different. It is cultural, it atmospheric and brimming with history!

NOTE: Please watch the video to feel the atmosphere of Minsk