Who are Belarus' medal hopefuls at Rio Olympics 2016?


Who are Belarus' medal hopefuls at Rio Olympics 2016?

123 Belarusian athletes will perform at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. And although, as President of Belarus said at the meeting on the preparations for the Olympic Games, the government has not put in front of them any specific medal plans, we expect to receive some! Therefore CTV.BY today will tell you about those athletes who have real chances to climb on the podium!


Kayak Four, 500m

Who: Marina Lytvynchuk, Nadezhda Lepeshko, Margarita Makhneva, Olga Khudenko.

A strange story with the disqualification of the men's rowing and canoeing team from the Olympics has significantly reduced the chances of Belarusians for medals in this sport, which promised to be "profitable" for Belarusians. However, the women's team of Belarus remained on track, so we pin hopes on them.  

Belarus' Women's Kayak Four are bronze medalists at the 2012 Olympics in London. Since then, however, one change has been made: Margarita Makhneva replaced Irina Pomelova three years ago.

The current crew won prizes at almost all the top tournaments prior to the Olympics. And the World Championships 2015 they took gold, and at the recent European Championships 2016 in Moscow scooped silver.

When: August 20.

Track and field

Hammer throwing

Who: Ivan Tikhon

Perhaps the most long-suffering Belarusian athlete has returned to restore his reputation. Because of doping scandals Ivan Tikhon was not in the big sport for almost 8 years. He was deprived of the bronze medal of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, which was returned in 2012. Then just before the start of the 2012 Games Tikhon was again suspended - because of doping claims 8 years ago. Ivan has finally arrived in Brazil. His recent success is silver at the European Athletics Championships 2016 in Amsterdam.

Ivan Tikhon, silver medalist of the European Championships in hammer throw:
It happened as it should have. I am pleased with this result and not particularly upset. I know what I can add to my performance and compete high enough places in Rio.

When: August 20. Final.


Who: Tatiana Kholodovich

Tatiana Kholodovich proved her worth in professional sport during Euro 2016 in Amsterdam. The little-known javelin thrower from a town of Pinsk, Belarus, won the gold medal there showing the third best season result in the world and updating the national record, 66.34m. She improved her best achievement by 4(!) meters.

Tatiana Kholodovich, European champion in the javelin:
I dreamed about fighting for the medals. It's nice that it finally happened! All events have developed perfectly for me, I did 100% of what I can. Although I am not very happy with the victorious attempt.

The last few weeks before the Olympics 2016 Kholodovich trained in the Staiki complex in Belarus.

For Tatiana Kholodovich the Games in Rio are the first. Fingers crossed: let's hope she will triumph!

When: August 19.

100m hurdles

Who: Alina Talay

The most stable Belarusian athlete will certainly qualify for the final race in Rio. There are all prerequisites for this: at the World Championships 2015, she took bronze and at the Euro 2016 scooped silver (12.63 seconds). In Brazil, Alina hopes to improve her results!

Alina Talay, silver medalist of the European championship in the 100m hurdles:
I was upset because I came for gold. And I could win. I wanted to win. But Rio is ahead and it drives me. I think I will take revenge there.

When: August 18.

800 meters

Who: Marina Arzamasova

Marina Arzamasova is a black horse of Belarusian athletics. She purposefully prepares for particular starts not wasting herself on accompanying competitions. For example, suddenly she became world champion in 2015. "Invisible" during the entire season, Maria is heading for Rio. Hopefully the proven tactics will not fail. 

When: 22 August.


94 kg category

Who: Vadim Streltsov

Belarus' only gold medalist of the world championship 2015 has arrived in Rio having the status of the strongest. And, in view of the circumstances, he is the most promising weightlifter in this weight category: the Russian team is disqualified because of doping, as well as the vice-world champion from Kazakhstan.  

When: August 14.

Rhythmic gymnastics


Who: Melitina Stanyuta

All-around is a kind of medal trump card for Belarus. Since 2000, Belarus' rhythmic gymnast only once failed to rise to the podium - Inna Zhukova at Athens 2004. In Sydney 2000, Yulia Raskina won silver. In Beijing 2008, Inna Zhukova corrected her mistake, repeating the 2000 success of the teammate. At London 2012, Lyubov Cherkashina was a bronze medal winner.

By the time of the Rio Olympics, Melitina Stanyuta confidently stands third behind Russians Yana Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun.

The leader of the Belarusian team became the bronze winner of the world championship in 2013 and 2015. At the latter world championships, in Stuttgart, she won the Olympic license.

When: August 20. Final.

Group all-around

Who: Anna Dudenkova, Maria Kadobina, Valeria Pischelina, Arina Tsitsilina and Maria Kotyak

The group competitions bring the same good results to Belarus' gymnasts. Only the Olympic Games in 2004 did not bring Belarus any medals. In 2000 and 2012 Belarusian graces returned with silver and in 2008 with bronze. At the same time, before every new games about 50% of the team's squad changed.

In Rio, the Belarusian group team will compete in an absolutely new squad. But Belarus does not doubt they will win something: three of the five sensationally became world champions in 2013, and the quintet triumphed at the 2014 World Championships.

In general, relying on athletes and the experience of great and mighty coach Irina Leparskaya we are waiting for a good result!

When: August 21. Final


Who: Uladzislau Hancharou

Belarusian trampoline gymnasts held an amazing pre-Olympic season, so we can count on medals at Rio 2016 in both men's and women's events. But the best hopeful is a 20-year-old Vitebsk resident Uladzislau Hancharou. Despite its youth, over the past 2 years he has managed to gather a harvest of medals: bronze and silver at WC 2015 and gold at Euro 2014 and Euro 2016. And this does not include World Cup awards. In general, we have a clear contender for the podium in Rio!

When: August 13. Qualification and finals.

Uladzslau Hancharou

With great interest, Belarus will also follow other of its star athletes, including weightlifter Daria Naumova (up to 75 kg). We will hope that "gold fish" Alexandra Gerasimenya will return to her best Olympic shape (50 meters and 100 meters freestyle).

The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be held from 5 to 21 August.

Taking part will be 207 countries, with 306 sets of medals contested.