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Belarus' information minister: Good news reports does not mean they are massaged

Sharper information and innovations in technology - these topics were discussed at a media forum in the Grodno region on August 5.

It brought together about a hundred journalists from all over Belarus.      

Among the most relevant topics was the interaction of media and public authorities.

Media is a kind of communication channel through which the state learns about social problems, and after that makes every effort to address them, forum participants noted.

Lilia Ananich, Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus: 
Good news reports are always in demand. Good means made with quality. This does not mean these news reports are massaged. The press must see everything. Moreover, the press that helps to solve the problems that exist in the country.   

Victor Liskovich, Deputy Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee:
Today, we need, on the one hand, to get operational information from people. About problems that concern them. We need to generalize, analyze and develop our actions to comprehensively help resolve the corresponding problems

Belarus' information minister: Good news does not mean it is smoothed