Kids from Fukushima getting familiar with Belarusian culture

Kids from Fukushima getting familiar with Belarusian culture

A delegation of children from Japan has arrived in Belarus at the invitation of the President of Belarus.

More than 50 boys and girls from Fukushima Prefecture, where a radiation accident occurred five years ago, came to improve health in the children's center "Zubrenok".

Foreign visitors have already got familiar with Belarusian culture and life.     

During the tour in to the Miadziel Master's House the Japanese were treated to Belarusian national dishes, learned to make talismans from straw and played polka.

Yuki Sagara, resident of Fukushima (Japan):
It was difficult to make crafts from straw, but we really liked it, it was very interesting. Belarusian and Japanese cultures have some similarities: for example, it is also very popular in Japan to make amulets of straw to protect houses.

Yuto Suzuki, resident of Fukushima (Japan): 
Belarus is a beautiful country; nature is completely different from the one in Japan. We really loved your cuisine, especially Belarusian yogurt - we don't have such in Japan.

In Belarus, the guests will stay five more days. The program of the kids' visit is rich in various events that include educational, cultural and recreational activities.