Belarus may liberalize agricultural farmsteads legislation


Belarus may liberalize agricultural farmsteads legislation

Vitebsk region is often called "paradise for tourists." The Braslav area is rightfully called the pearl of tourism in Belarus. It is in this area where a record number of farmsteads are located.

Not surprisingly, during the President's working trip to that region, there was a lot of talk about the development of rural tourism. Alexander Lukashenko visited one of the tourist enterprises of the northern region.

A serious investment project started as a small family business, but today on the shores of Lake Snudy is a full-fledged tourist complex.

Yulia Beshanova, CTV:
Monuments of history, culture, architecture and, of course, a huge natural potential. Braslav can rightfully claim a title of the pearl of tourism in Belarus. By the way, here you can see a record number of farmsteads. There are about 300 of them in this district alone. And they are not empty. 14 new tourist spots have been opened in the Braslav district alone this year.

This tourist complex on the shores of Lake Snudy is perhaps the most popular holiday destination in the region.

These farmsteads are almost always full of guests. The secret of success is Belarus' unique nature, focus on ecology and famous Belarusian hospitality.

The Head of State discussed with local businessmen not only the achievements but also the difficulties in the development of agribusiness. Alexander Lukashenko stressed that the state needs to meet the interests of those wishing to develop this business, but not at the expense of ordinary citizens. People's wealth has to be accessible to all Belarusians.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
In the Bialowieza Forest, several facilities were built by rich Muscovites. I expelled them from there. And then I created these parks and they are under me now so that there is no robbery. That was my solid solution.
Gather and think. The proposal is probably correct. We need to somewhat liberate laws guiding the construction of farmsteads. I agree with that.

Agribusiness in Belarus is one of the fastest growing today. This trend in our country is rather young. Rural tourism began to develop about 10 years ago. Now this is a complete business model.

More than 2,000 agrocomplexes are registered. The administrations of small towns began to actively develop the infrastructure, build roads, and restore historical monuments. These efforts of course bore fruit.

Tourists, not only from Russia but also far abroad, including even Saudi Arabia and Qatar, started to book rooms and houses here.

By the way, export of tourist services from year to year only increases. Income in this sector in 2015 grew by more than 16% and amounted to about $6 million. 

The state strongly supports tourism initiatives. In 2015, 46 loans were allocated for these purposes. 

Farmsteads have already become a kind of symbol of Belarus. 

The development of rural tourism and tourism attractiveness is an important link in the overall chain of the country's development. Traveling around Belarus and sightseeing involves transit, and therefore this stimulates the development of roadside service.