Vitebsk region needs to be tidied up, Belarus President says

Vitebsk region needs to be tidied up, Belarus President says

The Vitebsk region needs to be put in order, demanded the President on August 4 during a visit to the agricultural production cooperative Mayak Braslavsky. Alexander Lukashenko is making a working trip to the Vitebsk region today.

The President stressed that in no case can territories be littered or let remain untidy, everything must be order. In addition the Vitebsk region authorities must make clear decisions on the agricultural specialization in every district of the Vitebsk region.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The purpose of my trip here is not harvesting. We have learned to harvest well. There is enough machinery and it is quite proper.  I'm interested in technologies. We have to rebuild the technology for the new crop rotations. Probably it is much harder for us to work here than in the Brest region, even in the Minsk region. We need our own crop rotations here. There is milk and beef is profitable today, so we need to address these things, because lands are more suitable for grass. If you have the opportunity to cultivate crops or have some pig-breeding complex then we need to decide on its development at the state level. It is necessary to feed bulls, get cow milk, beef and sell it all. Plus something else.

The head of state demanded increasing production of meat and dairy products in the Vitebsk region. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized this during a visit to the Braslav branch of the Glubokoye Dairy-Canning Plant.

Alexander Lukashenko got acquainted with the work of the enterprise and the process of manufacture of firm cheeses. It has implemented an investment project on reconstruction aimed at increasing production capacity. The uniqueness of the new technology lies in a fully automated and closed-circuit cheese production. 90% of products are exported.

Alexander Lukashenko:
A year or two and then we need to decide and start normal crop rotation fitting this machinery. But before that, it is necessary to decide on animal husbandry: either you grow poultry or pigs, or bulls, cows and so on. And then we need to purchase equipment for this. Of course, powerful tractors are probably not suitable here. Therefore, a pair of high-power tractors are quite enough. For the rest of areas we need low- and average-power tractors. And agricultural machinery must be very different. Basically, we need to redraw and review it all. You need to do it during this winter. And people. All this is made by people. It can be seen. I would like to note that you demonstrate your ability to work well.