Belarusian schoolboy wins International Chemistry Olympiad

Belarusian schoolboy wins International Chemistry Olympiad

A graduate of a Minsk gymnasium has won gold at the International Chemistry Olympiad in Tbilisi.

He competed with almost 250 participants from 67 countries.

Our Mendeleev - Konstantin Anisovich - completed the school curriculum a few years before the prom and admits that the "Olympic" tasks were not so complicated.

Konstantin Anisovich, winner of the gold medal of the 48th International Chemistry Olympiad:
I do not know what it is made of. I think that it is not made of gold.
There were very strong countries - Russia, China, they always took first place, and it is for granted. The very practical tournament was interesting, but I will not say that it is very difficult.   

Tatiana Anisovich, mother:
I am a doctor, he helps me somewhere, gives advice on chemistry. We did not force him to learn.

He studied it all with pleasure all by himself.

By the way, Konstantin worked here, in this classroom. The teacher of the "golden" student Inessa Ivanovna explains that Anisovich mastered the whole school curriculum by the eighth grade. So, to solve tasks from ordinary schoolbooks for him made no sense.

Inessa Okova, chemistry teacher:
In the 8th grade, we decided to just try to take part in the competition for the ninth grade. Here is where all our victories started.

Olga Chernousova, director of gymnasium No13 of Minsk: 
We always try in conversations with parents and children to provide them with the rhythm of work that is convenient for them!