Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus ready to work with Stadler Rail Group

Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus ready to work with Stadler Rail Group

New projects and proposals for the development of electric train network in Belarus were discussed at the August 1 meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with CEO and owner of Swiss company Stadler Rail Group Peter Spuhler.

This is one of the leading European manufacturers of rail buses, passenger cars, trams and trains.

In 2014, a joint production facility for the manufacture of electric transport opened in Belarus' Fanipol. The project cost around 50 million euros.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You have created nearly 500 very high-end jobs, you innovate the economy and are in trend, as it is fashionable to say today. These are our tasks we will address in the next five years. In this sense, you should be sure that we are ready to work with you and fulfill all your suggestions. The company, over the years in Belarus, has had time to do much. Of course, when you work, there are new issues, possibly new interests. I am familiar with your proposals on the expansion of production in Belarus. Let's discuss the whole range of issues.

Peter Shpuler, CEO of Stadler Rail Group (Switzerland):
I think you know, Mr President, that the economic situation in the region is quite difficult.  It was reflected on the level of employment at the Fanipol enterprise. Today, the problem is almost solved, we have showed our own initiative and moved here some orders for Western Europe.