Alexander Lukashenko to get acquainted with work of Belarusian farms

Alexander Lukashenko to get acquainted with work of Belarusian farms

President of Belarus is going to pay a working visit to Minsk Region on 29 July. Alexander Lukashenko will get familiar with the development of the country's farms.

It is planned that in Logoisk district the head of state will visit the company Tsnyanskie Ecological Products, which specializes in the cultivation of potatoes and cereals. The farm uses modern technology of storage and processing of root crops which allows successfully selling products in domestic and foreign markets.

The President will be reported on the implementation of the investment project on the development of the agricultural enterprise Kosino. In 2015, with the consent of the head of state, it was transferred to the ownership of Tsnyanskie Ecological Products. The farm had debts.

Gradually, however, the investor is taking it to a new track. During this time, a rape plant was built, a dairy farm renovated. A new cow breeding complex is now being built.

Vladimir Adamovich, head of Tsnyanskie Ecological Products:
We still have to work about one or two years to say we are successful. Because our goal is to overtake Snov. Not on gross figures but in terms of profit. Because I believe that the gross index is wrong; the most important thing is economy, that is, we must consider revenue. Money is above everything. If the farm has it, then it is living, thriving, and people feel good.

During the working visit, the President will also talk about the harvesting campaign in Belarus in general, and in the Minsk region in particular. The head of state will be shown promising agricultural machinery.