SOHRA Overeseas' Paul Daher becomes new owner of FC Dinamo Brest


SOHRA Overeseas' Paul Daher becomes new owner of FC Dinamo Brest

The press service of Dinamo Brest has prepared an interview with the new owner of the Brest club Paul Daher.

There have long been rumors in Brest that sheikhs came to Dinamo Brest...

- My family is from Lebanon and we have long been living in the Emirates. Our family has the title of sheikhs. This is true. I am the fourth of five sons.

- And how did a sheikh made a choice of Brest?

- I talked to one of the minority owners of Manchester City, who has business interests in Belarus, and he recommended pay attention to Dinamo Brest, back in February. At that time, we were completing a deal to buy a Dubai company SOHRA Overseas. But we love football and once we settled the legal questions we immediately started negotiations with Brest.

- But the team are now only in 13th place.

- 13th place? This does not bother me. Better buy the asset at the bottom of the market and then develop it.

- And what have you learned about the club?

- Dinamo Brest has good school, players of the club played for the national team of Belarus. It's already quite enough. We really want to build a children's football academy Dinamo Brest and we will pay a lot of attention to it.

- And how do you see its future?

- We want only the best experts to work with children of all ages, so we will pay special attention to continuous professional development of the coaching staff of the academy. It is essential that children's coaches have an UEFA qualifications. Children's football is the future of any club. Dinamo Brest has a long history, loyal fans, a great climate, proximity to Europe... It is very convenient.

- Have you managed to see Brest?

- Sports facilities only. We'll do it later of course. Our manager was in Brest these days and there were a lot of economic issues he had to address...

- And what do you have to deal with?

- We have resolved a lot of things already. We bought a minibus, which travels around the city with a Dinamo Brest logo, purchased sports equipment, began work on the football academy, painted a club bus...

- What should we expect in the near future?

- All members of the club, including the coaching staff and administration, will begin to learn English - in our time, it is very important to know foreign languages. I hope our footballers will start playing in new kits.