15,000 jobs created in Belarus in Q1 2016

15,000 jobs created in Belarus in Q1 2016

The Belarus government has discussed the creation of highly effective and sought-after jobs, as well as progress in employment.

In the beginning of 2016, the President set a task to create 50,000 vacancies annually. In particular, this must be done thanks to new production facilities.

As noted by the Labor Ministry, such enterprises demonstrate higher performance, greater revenues and offer better salaries.

Andrei Lobovich, First Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus:
The main areas in which workers are being hired now are industry, trade (wholesale, retail), IT and some other services. By regions, of course the majority of jobs have been created in Minsk, where the population is the largest. And, thanks to the implementation of this indicator (employment related to newly created jobs), by July 1, we have a decrease in the level of registered unemployment.

In Q1 2016, 15,000 vacancies were created.

More than 60% of them are at privately owned enterprises. For now, the Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev Regional Executive Committees are lagging behind in this respect.