Belarus' new Military Doctrine comes into force


Belarus' new Military Doctrine comes into force

The new Military Doctrine of Belarus came into force July 26. The document is based on the analysis and results of the expert assessment of the military-political situation in Belarus and around the world.

There is now a new classification of armed conflicts in the document. It also describes the conditions under which an armed confrontation within the country may occur.

The doctrine takes into account such forms of hidden threats as hybrid warfare and color revolutions. 

Yuri Shevtsov, political analyst:
Here we have to keep our powder dry. But realistically, we should understand what threatens us. This is destabilization through some unusual forms of influence on society. It can be anything: terrorist attacks or the invasion of some paramilitary organizations. Or something that is now referred to as hybrid warfare - a combination of all forms of subversion of statehood without transition to direct war.

The adoption of the new doctrine was due to changes in modern methods and forms of armed conflicts. The Belarus military doctrine's nature is still purely defensive.

The document provides for the development of the defense sector. In particular, emphasis will be placed on the domestic military industry: the creation of new types of weapons and modern technical equipment.

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