Belarus, Poland to exchange students

Belarus, Poland to exchange students

Belarus and Poland have signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of education.

The document provides for the exchange of students, teachers, as well as the organization of training and new joint programs.

Last year Belarus signed agreements on cooperation in the field of education with China, Brazil, Georgia, France, Azerbaijan and other countries.

And in the near future, Belarus is going to establish partnerships between universities in Ecuador and Turkey.

All in all, Belarus today enjoys more than 90 international agreements on educational cooperation. Over the past 10 years, this figure has increased by more than half.  

Vadim Bogush, Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
These agreements regulate the issues related to the expansion of information exchange, academic exchange, studies of language and culture of the partner country. And it creates appropriate conditions for attracting qualified personnel to Belarus. We work to enable our students to participate in advanced research improving the level and quality of education.