Huawei opens service center in Minsk

Huawei opens service center in Minsk

China increasingly often chooses Belarus for realization of their business projects. July 21 Huawei's service center opened in Minsk. It will house a showroom, too.

It will present the entire product line of the Chinese IT brand. These are mobile phones and a variety of other devices.

Terminal equipment sales director at Bel Huawei Technologies:
This is a strategic direction of the company Huawei. We open service centers not only in Belarus, but also in all countries of the world. It is very important for us, this is my dream. I have lived in Belarus for some time and all this time I've dreamt of providing services of the company here.

Dmitry Bysenko, head of terminal equipment service of Bel Huawei Technologies:
A client can come with any Huawei equipment and get free software or update the device or get mechanical cleaning. This is what we will be doing on a regular basis throughout the lifetime of our service center.

The new center will start on 22 July.  In general, the repair of any complexity will not take more than a day. For this, there is a warehouse here with all the accessories for smartphones. And of course professionals.

Vitaly Bakhanovsky, director of Kenfordbel:
The company was one of the first in the territory of the Republic of Belarus to introduce a loyalty program. This is a premium service program. This means that a client, being at home or in the office, can call a specialist of the service center. This service is provided 24 hours a day.

Huawei is one of three leaders in the field of production of smartphones. According to statistics, 1/3 of the world's population in 170 countries use their services.