Belarusian peacekeepers conduct tactical exercises near Vitebsk


Belarusian peacekeepers conduct tactical exercises near Vitebsk

Tactical peacekeeping exercises were held near Vitebsk. Soldiers trained in creating buffer zones, separation of conditional conflicting parties as well as escort of humanitarian convoys.

Each training of Belarusian peacekeepers has its own scenario based on real international practice. According to the present drills, a contingent of blue helmets is called to stabilize the situation in the conflict zone between the two countries.

The maneuvers were a rehearsal prior to the upcoming international exercises Indestructible Brotherhood 2016, which will take place in Belarus.

Dmitry Ryabikhin, chief of tactical exercise:
The purpose of the drills is to improve the individual training of soldiers, to check consistency of units and their willingness to carry out tasks. We have completed everything we planned. And this stage of preparation was a quality one.

Igor Melashenko, commander of a peacekeeping unit:
Peacekeeping forces are relevant in any country. For now, the Belarusian troops have not left for any other country but we are ready to demonstrate our skills.