Investments in Minsk in H1 2016

Investments in Minsk in H1 2016

The economy committee of the Minsk city executive committee has counted incomes from foreign investments. Since the beginning of 2016, Minsk has received more than 600 million dollars of foreign direct investment on a net basis.

The share of Minsk among regions of Belarus is over 60 percent. The main investors of the capital today are Russia, Germany, Poland and France.

Business partners are willing to invest in the insurance business and companies focused on production. The development of small businesses in the capital gives a positive effect on the formation of the gross regional product (GRP).

Nikolai Rogashchuk, Chairman of the Economy Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
The city offers various preferences to small businesses. This is financial support in the form of soft loans, at the smallest rate - only 13% per annum. This is also subsidies for reimbursement of exhibition costs during job creation. We offer floor space leasing. Our state-owned enterprises are recommended to reduce the base rental rate coefficients for those who carry out productive activities aimed at creating jobs.

Today, the gross regional product has grown to 100 billion rubles. Business activities brought over Br15 trillion to the city treasury.

It should be noted that the share of Minsk in the GRP is the highest in Belarus. This, above all, is thanks to information and communication, financial and insurance activities, transport, warehousing, post business and real estate transactions.