Belarus President expresses interest in cooperation with CITIC Group

Belarus President expresses interest in cooperation with CITIC Group

Belarus and the Chinese state corporation CITIC Group plan to implement new projects. President Alexander Lukashenko today met with the head of the company Mr. Wang Jun.

Minsk already has successful experience of cooperation with the corporation. First of all, this is the construction of three cement plants. Now a company for the production of passenger cars is being established and modernization of Orsha Linen Mill is underway.

For seven consecutive years, CITIC Group was included in Top 500 of the largest companies in the world and was ranked 186th on that list in 2015. The company is currently implementing projects not only in China. Their total cost is about $40 billion.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I know how much we have done together here, in Belarus. Your company is one of the largest in the world. And it gives me great pleasure to cooperate with a company like yours. You know about the strategic nature of relations between the People's Republic of China and Belarus. And the work of your company in Belarus is organically woven into the fabric of these relations.
In the near future (probably in September), we will hold high-level talks in Beijing with my counterpart Xi Jinping. We have a broad agenda, a lot of issues that we need to agree and decide on.
I will not deny that we very much hope that by this time, our ministries, our businesses, and companies in negotiations with your company, will find not only a topic for further talks but also prepare draft documents on the implementation of serious long-term projects in the two countries. First of all, in Belarus.

CITIC Group is going to take part in the creation of the first inter-state investment fund in Belarus. Such an agreement was reached by the Chinese side in talks with the Belarus government. A memorandum on its establishment was signed between the Ministry of Finance and a large Chinese company.

Wang Jun, president of CITIC Group (China):
I think that this fund will be useful for finding opportunities in the implementation of industrial sector projects. Including when it comes to the establishment of a facility producing deeply-processed agricultural products.