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Vitebsk 2016 award goes to Belarusian singer Alex Gross

The main intrigue of Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk has been resolved. The Belarusian artist Alex Gross has won the Grand Prix at the International Pop Song Performers Contest Vitebsk 2016.

The closing ceremony of the Slavianski Bazaar was held on July 18. Taking part in the final concert were famous bands and singers like Valery Leontyev, Elena Vaenga, Alexander Buinov, MBAND and Band'eros.

The main intrigue was whether the Belarusian Alex Gross will receive a Grand Prix. Gross was 2 points ahead of Kazakhstan's representative Adam. Under the terms of the competition, the gap must not be less than three points. But even this fact did not become an obstacle for Alex to getting the Grand Prix of the festival.

Alex Gross, winner of the Grand Prix of the 25th International Pop Song Performers Contest Vitebsk 2016:
It was very difficult to go on stage and not to waste anything and showing the maximum result. And I did it winning this statuette! 

The concerts and the entire festival are now over and lights go out. However, festivities near the Summer Amphitheatre continued. Vitebsk Dance Night show was held after the Slavic Bazaar closing concert. Until morning, DJs from the United States, Germany, Italy, Russia and France were playing music. By the way, France was represented by Pierre Sarkozy - the son of former President of that country.