Marc Chagall at Slavonic Bazaar: Two of artist's early paintings brought to Vitebsk

Marc Chagall at Slavonic Bazaar: Two of artist's early paintings brought to Vitebsk

One of the most exciting cultural events in Belarus is the Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk! In the evening of July 14, the festival will open its doors officially.

Vitebsk will be decorated with all colors of the rainbow thanks to participants of a street art fest. Black and white mimes, red-nosed clowns and brightest representatives of puppet theaters from Poltava, Kiev and the northern capital of Belarus, Vitebsk.

Alexander Grigoriev, director of Vitebsk Lialka puppet theater:
The theater Lialka is offering an experimental visual performance called "Chagall. Exodus." These will be stilt walkers, colorful masks, two-meter puppets. This will be shown in the evening. A shadow theatre will also be represented.

Especially for the Slavianski Bazaar festival, two original paintings by Marc Chagall were brought. These are early works from his early Vitebsk cycle. Art critics valued these paintings most and they are the most expensive.

Olga Akunevich, head of the Vitebsk Art Museum:
The work "Black Lovers" is graphic and is dedicated to the muse of Marc Chagall Bella. The second work is "Bathing of the baby" when their daughter Ida was born. The feature of Marc Chagall is that he was able to present a symbolic image in such seemingly insignificant household episode. The bathing of the baby is presented as a kind of sacrament.

Ahead is the most awaited part of the festival: performances of favorite artists. The concerts of Russian stars Sergey Lazarev, Kristina Orbakaite and Maxim Galkin have already been held.

Today is the official opening of the Slavonic Bazaar. This is the day when the name of the holder of the special President's Award "Through art to peace and mutual understanding" will be revealed.