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Belarusian doctors hope to treat cancer with bio-cellular technology

Belarusian doctors have performed a unique surgery. This fact was announced just today, exactly when it became clear that a human life is saved.

Lung cancer of the last stage - such was the diagnosis for this patient four months ago. Now he is doing better and better each day. The man underwent four surgeries. The main achievement is that doctors managed to put prosthesis in the man's trachea.

Doctors used a donor organ and cleared it.

 лечение онкологии с помощью биоклеточной технологии

Stem cells were taken from the patient and 20 million copies were grown in a lab. Then they were settled in the prosthesis, grew vessels and it seems to have successfully taken root in the body. Previously, no one in the world did this.

Oleg Sukonko, director of the state institution "Republican Scientific Practical Center of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after N.N. Alexandrov":
Many said that tissue engineering is a matter of future. That it will require decades. But, fortunately, we are already preparing two more patients. And we begin to implement it. Of course, each time we come up with something new.

Anatoly Khlopkov:
I first of all want to thank doctors for agreeing and believing in me. The operation was very difficult from the practical point of view.

But I do not think that anyone could stand it. I underwent not one but four surgeries.

Belarusian doctors hope to treat cancer with bio-cellular technology