Belarus President requires breakthrough in relations with China

Belarus President requires breakthrough in relations with China

The President of Belarus has made a number of appointments. The changes affected the country's diplomatic corps. Alexander Lukashenko appointed ambassadors to China and Georgia. 

Addressing the diplomats, the President stressed the need to increase the momentum in foreign trade.

Starting from July 12, the Embassy of Belarus in China will be headed by Kiryl Rudy. An economic expert and assistant to the President is already familiar with the work of the diplomatic mission in China. However, his new role is immeasurably more important.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
As for China, it is difficult to overestimate that country. This is the future of the entire planet. This is true, believe me or not. This is a rapidly developing country. And, perhaps, we are fortunate that we established such friendly relations of strategic nature with them. But not only. We were also lucky to understand the importance of those relations in time.
I have very close and friendly relations with the leadership of the People's Republic of China. With the former, and, in particular, with the current leader, Xi Jinping. And this is very important in the context of my visit to China, which is due in late September.
You will need to prepare this visit. But most importantly, Mr Rudy, your ability to organize the work of the Embassy in a special way is vital. It is no secret that we have not recently been lucky with ambassadors to the People's Republic of China. They were ordinary.
But we need some kind of breakthrough in our relations. We need to go to... not even a new stage but a new orbit in the relationship with China. You can see that they are ready for it. Not always are we able to respond adequately to their proposals. And this is what your work will be about.
You need to make possible the most daring, decisive proposals in our relations with China.

A credit line worth billions of dollars was opened by China. The Belarusian-Chinese portfolio includes dozens of joint projects ranging from the upgrade of power plants to military-technical and particularly missile cooperation. But the largest of them is the industrial park "Great Stone" near Minsk.

Kiryl Rudy, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in the People's Republic of China:
Speaking about priorities in Belarus' cooperation with China, I can of course name trade and economic cooperation. An economic belt of the Silk Road is going through Belarus but this is a two-way street. This means not only shipments from China and Europe, but also the return delivery, so Belarus can look for potential for its exports to take advantage of this way. I mean the development of tourist services too.

The new and first ever Belarus' envoy to Georgia will have to be responsible for the construction of the embassy building.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
As for Georgia, it has always been a friendly republic, these they are like our brothers. We lived in the same country, after all. Naturally, we have good relations. This was evidenced by our recent visit. Georgia adheres to its policy, which differs from ours. But this is the right of any country to determine its own foreign policy, to determine what is happening in the country - I mean internal affairs. We need is to find common ground in this situation. And we have found them.

In 2015, the first official visit of Alexander Lukashenko to Georgia increased the trade turnover between the countries.

Mikhail Myatlikov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Georgia:
The President tasked us to reach a turnover of $200 million. We are already planning to conduct at the beginning of September a full-scale national exhibition of Belarus at Expo Georgia in Tbilisi.

On July 12, Alexander Lukashenko approved the appointment of Vladimir Mironovich as Consul General of Belarus in Istanbul and Viktor Cherekhovich as Consul General of Belarus in New York.