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Belarus wins three medals at European Athletics Championships

Three medals were won by Belarusian athletes at the European Athletics Championships, which took place in Amsterdam. 

On the last day of the competition, Ivan Tikhon won silver in hammer throwing. In his best attempt, he sent the hammer to a mark of 78 meters and 84 centimeters. 

Earlier gold in the javelin event was won by Tatiana Kholodovich. And in the women's 100 meters hurdles, Alina Talay became silver medalist.

Reporters greeted the tired but happy victors of the continental championship at the Minsk national airport.

Tatiana Kholodovich, European champion (javelin):
I dreamed about it, that I would fight for medals. It's nice that it happened! All the events were positive for me, I showed all my skills. Although I was not very happy with my golden attempt.

Alina Talay, silver medalist of the European championship (100m hurdles):
I was upset because I came for gold. And I could win. I wanted to win. But now Rio is approaching. I think I will take revenge there.

Ivan Tikhon, silver medalist of the European championship (hammer):
It happened as it should have happened. I am pleased with this result and I am not particularly upset. I know what I can add to my performance to compete for high places.

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