President Lukashenko: Alexandria festival can make peoples friends


President Lukashenko: Alexandria festival can make peoples friends

The Kupalle festival in Alexandria could become Belarus' contribution to the strengthening of friendship between peoples, said President Alexander Lukashenko, speaking on the eve of the Kupalle festival in Shklov District.

Mass celebrations on the banks of the Dnieper continued deep into the night of July 10-11. It offered traditional Kupala games and fun activities.

The festival is also remarkable thanks to original Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian cuisines.

Guests of the festival: 
That's very interesting, beautiful and healthy. I really liked it and I wish I could bring children with me.

We love these events, we always try to take part in them. And we get our kids accustomed to such activities already from childhood.

We have not found a fern flower but we have spent time in a wonderful way. We really like it here.

The home village of the Belarus President has been gathering friends from different regions of Belarus and the neighboring countries for several years since 2010. 

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus: 
Respect not only their own culture, but also the creative achievements of other nations is a feature of the Belarusian national character. We cherish the treasures of the past and happily get acquainted with the art of our neighbors. I think this is the secret of peace and mutual understanding for which Belarusians are famous. Such an attitude towards life is a reliable protection against ethnic hatred, religious hatred and other destructive phenomena, which, unfortunately, now cover even the most developed nations. I am happy that this beautiful, clean corner of the Mogilev region, the mighty Dnieper, does unite masters and lovers of folk art from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Our Alexandria has become a place of friendly meetings and a platform for public diplomacy.

Alexander Lukashenko always finds time to come and congratulate fellow countrymen and friends in Alexandria. For the head of state, it is also a very personal holiday.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus: 
Every year, I come here to see you on this land. And for some reason, on the eve of the arrival, I thought that last year was very hard for me. I probably drove and flew around the world many times. But no matter where I am I always think about home. And I caught myself thinking: no matter where I am - in Russia, in America, in China, in Africa or on some other continents - all roads lead back to my home. Most recently, I came here, took off my boots and took a basket to fish, just like we did in our childhood. This is what man needs. And remember: no matter where you are, sooner or later your native land will call you.  

On the stage of Alexandria that night were Belarusian artists as well as stars of Russian and Ukrainian pop music.

The legendary and seemingly non-existent fern flower bloomed with the help of 3D technology on the stage and the sky was lit with colorful fireworks.