Marc Chagall's 129th birthday anniversary marked in Vitebsk

Marc Chagall's 129th birthday anniversary marked in Vitebsk

On July 7, the world marked the 129th anniversary of the birth of Mark Chagall. The great artist was born on the territory of modern Belarus, studied in Russia and lived in France. But wherever he lived, Chagall always mined love for his native Vitebsk, drawing its quiet streets and low-rise buildings, even in the paintings depicting views of Paris. 

His works is a wonderful interweaving of tradition and innovation trends. It still inspires artists and makes Vitebsk residents proud of their countryman.

Marc Chagall and Bella Rosenfeld spent every summer and even the honeymoon a century ago in Liozno, which is 40 kilometers away from Vitebsk.

Olga Samuschenko, director of the Liozno Military History Museum:
Here lived his famous uncle Zyusya, a hairdresser, who could create and work in Paris. But he mainly offered his services here in our Liozno. Here, his grandparents lived.

There is even a version that Chagall was born in Liozno. However, different sources contain different data. The fact is remains that the artist's love for Vitebsk never faded.

Anastasia But, CTV:
We can find in his paintings the house at Pokrovka, where Marc Chagall lived and worked. The red spot is like a pulsating heart, it stands out among other attractions of Vitebsk at the most famous work of the artist "Over the city."

Irina Martyanova, CTV presenter:
Chagall's mood is unique, unusual. Look at the lightness and sky that is present in all his paintings. What an extraordinary desire to talk about love!

This proves once again that Chagall is a man out of time and geography. His works today are of genuine interest and admiration.