Belarus to play in shirts with national patterns vs France in WC 2018 qualifier


Belarus to play in shirts with national patterns vs France in WC 2018 qualifier

In an interview with, director of the Department of Marketing and Communications of the Belarusian Football Federation Vladimir Berezhkov said that the Belarus national football team will play in shirts with national pattern in the World Cup 2018 qualification. Also, white wings will become the team's brand.

"We have decided that the shirts will have embroidered national patterns. The logo itself will be a vysyvanka (national pattern) based on one of the elements of the alphabet of Belarusian ornament. Several designers are working on this solution. We will choose the best option. The final logo will be organically combined with training and matchday uniforms. We are also planning a special line of clothing.”

“We want people to come in shirts with national patterns to the first 2018 World Cup qualifier against France on September 4.”

Each sign of the Belarusian ornament corresponds to some concepts: fire, wealth, shower, spring, life and harvest. Each concept has its own philosophy. A man who wears a T-shirt with an ornament is inspired by this special feeling.

“This is the historical and graphic symbol worn by our ancestors, who even shed blood for it. This symbol is filled with meaning. I am sure that it will help the fans and the team itself," underlines Vladimir Berezhkov.

“I'm sure even the team will play in a different way,” Berezhkov added.

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