Tourists about new money in Belarus

Tourists about new money in Belarus

New Belarusian money has already become a kind of guide for foreign visitors to our country. 7 banknotes depict 7 Belarusian regions and 7 architectural symbols.

Tourists, like many Belarusians, see these notes for the first time. This young man from Turkey has been in the capital only two days but has already spent several hundred redenominated rubles.

Emrah, tourist (Turkey):
I have bought several magnets for new money. Here is the city name and "Gates of Minsk". It is easy to count your money without the zeros. We in Turkey also revalued our currency. We dropped a few zeros and now it's easier to count money.

Foreigners say that these notes resemble the euro. The bills were made in the UK. The Belarusian ruble is now worth more than the Russian one. And Russians will no more joke about "brothers-millionaires." Andrei from Moscow says it's good. The banknotes now depict attractions. And they are like a map for the traveler.

Andrei Tropov, tourist (Russia):
You look and think: why not just going to that place and see it? In principle, it is also an interesting option. Cultural monuments are eternal. So, perhaps, that was absolutely the right move.

Yerzhan Ualiev, tourist (Kazakhstan):
I think the redenomination of the Belarusian rouble will facilitate the use of currency notes.

Yi, tourist (China):
I like the look of this money. I have never seen these notes.  They are beautiful.

A set of seven banknotes depicts the most famous areas of our country like Belaya Vezha, Mir Castle, the Radziwill family castle and the National Library.

Also, coins have appeared in Belarus for the first time in 25 years.  Some say the presence of hard currency (in both senses of this word) means its solid position in the financial market.

The most famous examples are US cents and euro coins. Coinage is an expensive thing, so only the countries that believe in their economic strength do this.

Vadim Iosub, senior analyst of the company Alpari:
The fact of the coinage and the issue of coins in circulation indicates that the new money is for a long time.