Belarusian GPs now using webcams to get specialists' advice

Belarusian GPs now using webcams to get specialists' advice

Interactive medicine goes to remote corners of Belarus. Consultations with the help of video and the Internet, of course, will not replace traditional approaches but in some cases, they are able to significantly accelerate work. 

Patient Lyudmila Nazarova has a complex situation and came to her doctor, GP: against the background of diabetes mellitus, an ulcer formed on her leg. Here, one cannot do without the advice of a specialist in this field. The local doctor calls her colleague using a computer and a webcam.

Lyudmila Nazarova, ambulatory patient:
Now I know that not everything is that bad as I thought. Now we will not have to go far to the nearest city's clinic. Everything is available locally.

Rural doctors also use video when visiting sick people. This time, using a laptop, a camera and a 3G-modem, doctor Moiseev found out that accretion on the tonsils of this guy can be cured at home.

Grigory Moiseev, doctor:
The first task of a GP is to note some wrong processes. Everything else should be treated with by specialists of the appropriate profile.

Medical specialists now save their time, because there is no need for them to visit everyone. General practitioners will do the job for them. Medical consultations are now a matter of minutes.

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